The old Forge Hotel | Micro Business Masterclass | Somerset & Devon

The Old Forge Hotel

The history of the Old Forge Hotel, Totnes, dates back over 600 years, we pick up the story of the business in May 2017 when Julie and her husband took ownership, during this short time they have overseen a complete refurbishment of the hotel enabling the business to appeal to a broader market sector.

The hotel has sought to widen its market appeal from tourists, looking for authentic historical accommodation to attendees of corporate events and business people and by offering cream teas they have opened up the business to passing trade. The hotel has not just changed in its aesthetics’ but considerable change has been made to overall customers care and experience.

Business Masterclass

Julie was seeking to gain the general business skills and knowledge to grow the business but wasn’t looking for an accredited course, she came across learndirect’s fully funded Masterclasses and they fitted the bill. Julie took the opportunity of free expert business advice and booked on to January’s Micro Business Masterclass, run by Caroline Newns, an independent business growth consultant.

During the session, Julie was able to gain valuable business insights and share experiences with other businesses from the region, under Caroline’s expert steer. This method of delivery especially suited Julie providing her with valuable business information on relevant topics.

Julie felt the session with Caroline gave her not only the enthusiasm but the information and framework she required to take the next steps in reaching her aspiration for the Old Forge Hotel.

Business Growth at the Old Forge Hotel

Continual professional development is high on Julie’s agenda and she sees the up-skilling of their staff as imperative to the business and the maintenance of their high levels of customer service. Julie sees keeping staff up to date with trends and changes in the market as vital to the Old Forge and believes the professional development of their staff helps increase employee engagement and retention.

Moving forwards Julie would like to employ more staff to enable her to pursue new avenues that would benefit the business as a whole.  She is currently looking for business support to help with, digital marketing including social media as well as customer support.

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