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Following the acquisition of learndirect Limited by Dimensions Training Solutions (DTS), DTS is pleased to announce novation of the majority of the ESF contracts that were operated by learndirect Limited to DTS.
Following this novation, DTS is delighted that a number of these contracts have been extended – these include the Skills Support for the Workforce and Skills Support for Redundancy contracts in Lancashire and Skills Local contracts in D2N2.  As result there is now more than £5.5m of funding available to provide skills support across all sectors with accredited qualifications and bespoke training courses to SMEs in these areas.  This funding is available through to the end of March 2019

The training is offered in partnerships with a number of specialist training providers and includes technical qualifications and units, higher level skills such as leadership and management and responsive, short, bespoke training and workshops on skills such as social media and digital marketing.

Since the projects launched in December 2016 more than 9,700 learners have developed their skills and more than 2,300 SMEs have seen the benefit of increased staff motivation, productivity and retention.

Wayne Janse Van Rensburg, Chief Executive of DTS, said ‘The extension of these projects, through to March 2019, is great news for the thousands of SMEs that will now benefit from the training and development that we are offering to their employees.  It’s also a great platform for DTS as we look to extend the reach of this delivery to many more areas of England through the next ESF opt-in bidding rounds that will be coming down the line in the next few months.

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